SanDisk Cruzer 8GB (USB) problem

Kinder 00

Aug 27, 2012
some of the times I cannot open this flashdrive. I get a red X. It reads, "San Disk is already open. To view current session, click on the current San Disk Secure Access Window"

It does not appear anything else is opened. I cannot find the open session therefore cannot get to the files.
Where or what does it look like? I would like to correctly close the file so that I could open the entire flashdrive. Thank you
That's an issue with software provided by SanDisk, and you are more likely to find help from them then here. I use a lot of their products, but I avoid secured areas like the plague because most of the software is, sometime, flaky.

Can you just eject the drive and re-insert it in another port? Does a window come up when you insert it, possibly with a password prompt?

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