SanDisk Extreme 500 Portable SSD Review

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Agreed. I don't see blazing speed being a major issue for the target market. Backups are typically scheduled in a more leisurely manner, not "grab and go." I would like to have seen this tested against an internal SSD, for those who might be inclined to use it long term, possibly as primary storage, on a laptop that wouldn't have the room inside for a second drive.


These are more durable than thumb drives...
Also these are great for smart tv storages and offer much better usage esperience than thumb drives that become very slow, when you read, erase, read, erase the material, because in thumb drives there is not any trim utility at all. If you want to have fast thumb drive, you have to format it from time to time.



I got a review sample of a 1TB Samsung drive that's the same model listed in this article. I was skeptical until I started using it to backup data and on USB 3.0 I can get about a rate of 225 MB/s, where as on USB 2.0 I only get a rate of about 28 MB/s. The higher rates can be extremely useful when you're transferring exceptionally large files and it's definitely a huge improvement over a thumb drive in that regard.
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