Sandisk usb 2 0 flash drive problem installing


May 19, 2011
I've recently purchased a 2GB Cruzer sandisk usb 2.0 flash drive.
The seemingly simple installation kept stalling. I finally got out and upon return it seems like it did in fact install (could be corrupted) however, there is a continuous black circle on the screen that keeps spinning. Although I tested it by trying to transfer a document to the storage device and it seems to work. However I can't get rid of the black spinning circle in the middle of screen blocking full view of the file on screen. Is this how its suposed to work or is it the disk defective?

I appreciate any answers.
i'm not sure what spinning dist you talking about... can you post a screenshot? (print screen, paste into paint and save, upload to and post a link here)

typically, the first time you plug a flashdrive into your computer it will spend some time configuring it, so it can recognize the flashdrive easier from there on. I can't imagine why this would take any longer than 5 minutes (maybe 10 if your machine is slow and overloaded)...

it might be a problem with your USB controller rather than Flash Drive (I seriously doubt a new flash drive is defective, but 2Gb is pretty old technology)

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