Sandy Bridge upgrade and a new psu


Mar 14, 2010
So I'm finally upgrading my q6600 quad after a good 4ish years. Anyways my question:

I'm getting everything new except video card (5850) and hard drive. I have an antec 550 psu. I'm looking to keep that if possible but if I have to spend the extra cash on a new psu to be safe I'm fine with that. Now realistically would I be okay with a 550 watt with the new 2600k i7, 4gb of memory, and the new mobo? Haven't really decided on the mobo yet so I can't post a link, but I'm guessing the power usage isn't that different between the boards.

Now I know there is going to be the guys that say I should go with a 3000 watt to be safe. But I doubt I'll be overclocking for a long while. I want to make sure I have enough power and everything will be able to run at its full potential, but if I can save the $100 that would be nice too.

Thanks in advance.

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