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Build Advice Sanity check components for a new build with i7-8700K

Jun 9, 2019
It's been about 7 years since my last build (based on an i7-3770K). I am now planning a new build, based on an i7-8700K.

My goal is to meet (and for some specs exceed) the recommended specs for the current Adobe Creative Cloud, specifically for Premiere Pro, which can be found here. I want to exceed some specs so that when the recommendations change down the road, I won't have to change out all the hardware.

I'd like a nice, reliable system, with some very modest overclocking. I didn't go for the 9th generation CPUs, because they didn't seem worth the extra cost, and I found the lack of hyperthreading in the 9700K a bit surprising. Nevertheless, I want to use a Z390 board, so that I can move to 9th generation, if I change my mind later on.

Here is the list of components I'm considering for this build:
My Antec Three Hundred ATX case space is somewhat limited, and the older Corsair liquid cooler I used in my previous build is just the right size, and is still going strong in my old 3770K build. (Getting an overclock there to 4.1 GHz turbo with core temps in the 60s C under AIDA64's system stability test at 100% CPU usage.) I don't have the width in my case for many of the gigantic air coolers I see these days. And the low-profile air coolers don't look like they would cool very well. I plan on having Noctua fans throughout, to minimize noise.

I already have an EVGA GTX 770 4GB GPU, and while that's not the top of the heap performance-wise, it is still on the Premiere Pro list of approved GPUs, so I'd like to use it in this system, if possible. Do you know of any reason why this GPU would not work in this system?

The RAM seems to appear on the ASUS QVL, but specifies a specific version of the modules. I haven't run into this before. It is possible to have a vendor (e.g., Newegg), check the version number before the order is placed? I considered ordering directly from Corsair, but they're currently out of stock on this set of modules.

I've used ASUS TUF boards before, and have never had a problem with them. I'm not really interested in all the lights, bells, and whistles (okay, lights) on the ROG boards, but could be convinced to go there if I could end up with a more stable system with a very modest overclock...and if I could turn off the lights.