Sapphire 6950 problems


Jul 11, 2008
Hello guys,

I Bought this card : Sapphire 6950

previously, I had a Visiontek 4870.

Here is my current system :
p5q deluxe mobo
Sapphire 6950 2G
750 Watt PC power and cooling 80+ psu
Q6600 overclocked to 3.2
2 x2g ddr2 gskill ram
ssd + hdd
windows 7 64

I never had any problem with this setup until yesterday when I trade my 4870 for a 6950.

I first cleaned my drivers, shut down computer, unplug, remove the 4870 and install the 6950, check for correct connections.
This card has dual bios and the second bios has factory unlocked 1536 shaders. So I switched to second bios.

boot into windows, install new amd driver preview3 for BF3 (11.10)

I play BF3 and all goes fine!

the day after, I overclock it to the max CCC will accept (which is very low overclock)
core = 800 to 840 and memory = 1250 to 1325

I play more BF3 in single player then a black screen filled with gray stripe appears.
like this : picture (not my picture but very similar)

I only can do a hard reset and the computer boot normally.
I notice that now my computer detect only 2G of my 4G of ram.
I reboot and now it detects 4G....

later, I booted my PC and just before the logon screen there was a full pink screen flash for like 300 ms. And again, 2G detected only. I switch my ram stick and it now detect 4 again.

Now I have switch back to first bios switch (1408 shaders) kept my 6950 overclock and installed 11.9 drivers. I did a furmark and prime95 at the same time for 15-20 minutes without any glitch.

I hope it will not happen again, but do you guys think that my 6950 is faulty? is there a way to prove it?

Thanks all!



Jul 11, 2008
Here's an update :
I just had another hard crash with gray bars, I didn't have any after my first one.
I did play BF3 around 20 hours for ~2 weeks. I had like 5 hard crash with sound loop (image freeze) and a few CTD (probably related to BF3)

I don't care if I get a hard crash for 5-10 hours a day,
but is it a sign that the card is defect and will see more and more crash until it stops working? Should I RMA the card?

Thanks for your help!