Sapphire 6990 mini display port scaling problem


Dec 11, 2006
Hi, please don't get mad if this isn't the place to be asking a question in regards to a problem:) Just got a sapphire 6990 and hooked it up to my 50' panasonic 3DTV, I found out how to get the desktop to go full screen (no black borders around the whole tv) via the catalyst control center (my digital flatpanels/scaling options/underscan+overscan) but when I installed crysis and launched it it had black borders around all 4 sides of the tv. My hookup in the back is a dongle coming from mini display port to HDMI female (which comes with the card) and then I plug my HDMI into the dongle and the other end into the tv. Resolution does not make a difference with this problem, my desktop remains to scale but games do not? Does anyone have a fix for this? I don't want to go back to DVI to HMI as this does not carry sound to my tv. I have Windows 7 as well if that helps. Pretty sure the mini display to HDMI is the culprit but if anyone else has remedied this problem can you please help,thanks:(