Sapphire 9500 Pro


Jun 8, 2001
I'd ask for more information on this persons assesment if I were you.

Can't speak for this particular model but as for the vendor
Sapphire is often recommended. I personally do not have experience with the card. Wait or read some of the posts here.

I heard Powercolor had some deficiencies but which models or in general I couldn't say.

Hang in there for more opinions.

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Don't listen to fliphoney, if it's ATI then he don't like it.

Sapphire does OK with the R9500 series. The R9500Pro is a pretty good card, and Sapphire does a pretty good job with them. The only time you might have issues is for overclocking.
But running relatively near stock (which is the way most people should approach buying) it should be a FINE card.
Sure I prefer BBA, Hercules, Gigabyte (NOT CUBE), Creative, and TYAN (except in the R9600 series) as my makers. But Sapphire should do ok.

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