Sapphire ATI 3850 AGP Windows problem....


Mar 4, 2010
My system:

OS: Windows XP Professional
MOBO: Asus P4C800-E (from 2003)
RAM: Kingston? 2 gigs
HDDs: 40, 120, and 500 mb drives.. seagate/wd.. all 7200 rpm
PSU: 400w .. its a good psu cant remember the name but it was top of the line in 2003... only 400 w though
Video card: Sapphire ATI 3850 AGP
Sound card: Sound Blaster Audigy 2 ZS

So, I've had PSU issues with my computer, where it wouldnt even start up.... I've had to re-arrange the connections to the PSU to get it to start. I'm thinking I have a psu issue, its failing, or the power requirements are too high for this psu.

Anyways, by re-arranging psu connections and jumbling my PC around ive been able to get it to start up again.. However, lately I've had an issue with my video card.

PC boots fine, then when it starts loading windows, my monitor just shuts off at the User screen (where you select the windows user, after the Windows XP load screen)

I booted the PC in safe mode, and it loaded windows. I then uninstalled my video card drivers.. and the PC booted in normal mode. I reinstalled the drivers , and I get the same problem.. monitor just shuts off after the windows screen (this happens with more than 1 monitor, so its not the monitor)

I reinstalled the drivers and I get the same prob.. Whenever the drivers for the vid card are installed, my monitor just shuts off at the user select screen.. making me think I either dont have enough power to run the card with drivers, but without drivers.. it works fine?

Im kinda lost as Im not a really advanced user. Ive always just kind of dealt with problems as they come..

My PC is from 2003 and it was good back then, but its low-end nowadays. My vid card and PSU are not securely installed to the mobo ( theres no screws ) .. and ive been able to get everything to work by re adjusting PSU cables, but sometimes it randomly shuts off like the PSU is overloaded.

Anyways, I need to know why its not displaying windows on my monitor with the drivers installed. Everything works when I uninstall the drivers... but when theyre installed, monitor shuts off at windows.

The driver I'm using is the most recent one from the Sapphire website... however, this problem started BEFORE i updated my drivers.. it just randomly shut off my monitor, I restarted the PC, and it never displayed anything past the Windows XP screen. No driver i've tried thus far fixes it.

Like I said, safe mode is fine... and when i uninstall the drivers, i can load windows normally (with shitty display drivers of course, messin up all my media)

Let me kno if you have any idea whats going on please!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'd really appreciate it. And let me kno if u need any other system specs.


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