Sapphire hd 7770 vaporx vs evga gtx 650


Nov 18, 2012
i dont know what card should i get i know the hd 7770 is more powerfull but i heard that the gtx 650 will get me smoother gameplay and that the hd 7770 has a lot of driver issues and suffer from micro suttering oh im gonna pair any of the tow cards with a gigabyte powerock 400 or hec vn rx which is the better psu im gaming at 1440x900 and 1366x768
'A lot' weaker is highly debatable. In benchmarks you can see the lead, but in the real world I'd be hard-pressed to tell the difference. There may be one or two games where the difference is bigger, others where the 7770 has no lead at all. I definitely wouldn't call the differences 'a lot' though - the 7770 is hardly in a whole new league. They're very comparable. I'd far prefer to go with the better manufacturer when there's so little performance difference to talk about.