Sapphire HD5570 GPU


Sep 26, 2011
Hey guys I'm new to the whole computer upgrading scene and I am also a pretty big computer newbie.

I was recently reading some threads with regards to upgrading my video card in my 5 year old pc.

Since I only have a 250w psu, I have decided to go with the 5570 GPU. Specifically I wish to buy the Sapphire HD5570 on newegg:

However, one disconcerting comment left me unsure of my decision. One of the comments said this: " Does not work with my HP pavillion a6120n w/upgraded 500w PSU. Has something to do with the BIOS needing an update and HP does not provide BIOS updates. After the first one I sent it back for replacement, second had the same problem. If you have a Leonite-2 GL8E motherboard do not get this card." Unfortunately, the motherboard in my current computer is the Leonite-2 GL8E.

My question is whether or not anyone is aware of this issue, or if there is anyone out there who has a Leonite-2 GL8E motherboard and is successfully using this specific graphics card? Additionally does this problem apply to all HD5570 video cards (in which case I cannot purchase this graphics card at all), or only the one made by Sapphire (in which case I can just purchase one from a different manufacturer)?
Wow.How strange.I've had that exact problem.I had an old PowerColor 5570 and I tried to use it with my old HP machine.Didn't work because I needed a BIOS update.HP only used the Leonite motherboard on those models.And it's not the mobo it's the PCI-Express slot version.You need a 2.0 card not a 2.1 card.The only way to get it to work is with a BIOS update but HP never gave one.

Try looking for a 5570 that's 2.0.
Well yes and no.All 1.0 motherboards can support 2.1 devices with a BIOS update.But since HP doesn't support any BIOS updates for that motherboard then no I would try using a 2.1 card.Some devices will work but it's been my personal experience that 2.1 graphics cards will not work with a 1.0 slot without a BIOS update.

Go with a 2.0 card.