Sapphire motherboard 8pin problems


Dec 30, 2010
Yes i have read the sticky!!!!!

I'm building a new computer and I'm having the most difficult time in the world trying to get this thing to start up.

First off, I'm using the Sapphire black p67motherboard. For the CPU, I'm using an Intel I5 sandybridge processor. The power supply is a 600 watt, gpu is a flex ati hd 5770 and 8 gb gskill ram

Now according to the motherboard manual that can be downloaded online, you're supposed to connect 2 power cables: the 24 pin ATX power cable and the 8 pin ATX 12v power cable which supposedly supplies power to the CPU.

Now here's what I've found: I can connect the 24 pin ATX power cable and the entire computer will turn on: the fans and everything else is running, all except for the CPU which isn't receiving power. As soon as I plug the 8 pin ATX 12v cable that's supposed to power the CPU, the computer will no longer turn on. It'll turn on for a milisecond and instantly turn itself off.

Reading the manual further, it says that even though it's strongly recommended to use all 8 pins, you can get away with using only 4 so I used a 4 pin connector instead, just to see if perhaps I can get the system to boot but I get the same results.

So then I thought, maybe I can connect only 20 pins of the other cable (the 24 pin cable) and the 8 pin ATX 12v cable for the CPU but again, I get the same exact results.

The CPU is seated correctly (I've double checked). I don't know what's wrong.

Can anyone please help me to correct this problem? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Also i. Should. Note that the built in speakers and built in. Debug are not. Coming on?


Oct 10, 2015
Same thing here with new computer when plug 8pin nothing put it off and pc start normal with fans 2hdd and cd rom, cpu problem or motherboard ;;;