Sapphire news, and what the know about fermi's release.



When quizzed about Nvidia's inevitable riposte, he declined to go into that too much, simply stating, "As far as I am aware, no competing technology will be able to offer these features for several months at least."

Interesting. It could all be FUD of course, but if the global PR Director of Sapphire is saying it then there is probably more than a grain of truth in it. Several = 3/4 minimum yes? That would put Fermi's release at the end of January at the earliest.

Fermi is supposed to be released within a month according to Fudzilla. Does anybody still believe that is likely?
Kinda flimsy info. I agree that it is likely the desktop GTX parts are more likely around the new year, however I doubt this really proves it. Would you really expect him to say (if he knew this to be true) that the NVidia parts will be out next week and will be amazing? Of course not. That said, the no news out of NVidia certainly implies problems/delays pushing the date back from a month.