Question Sapphire Pluse RX 5700 XT memory temperature too high?


Feb 16, 2014

I'm looking for Sapphire Pluse RX 5700 XT owners experience with their card temps and noise.

Last week my Sapphire Pluse RX 5700 XT arrived and performance has been great!
After plying for a day I noticed strange high pitched and buzzing sounds that seem to come from card.
It's especially loud in The Whicher 3 menu with ~2200 FPS and up. Capping frame rate has helped but it's still noticeable at times (quiet game scenes).

I started investigating how is my card performing and run some games with GPU-Z open.
Running SotTR at 1440p for an hour resulted following temps:
GPU edge: 72C avg, 76C max
GPU junction: 85C avg, 97C max
GPU memory: 96C avg, 102C max
GPU VRM: 82C avg, 86C max
Fan speed averaged around 1300 RPM

I've reached out Sapphire and their customer support was quick to answer.
About memory temperatures they said these temps are within range that's considered safe. Memory temp can go up to 106C on load and is considered OK.
About the strange noise they said this is an electrical characteristic of relative components when in load which would not damage nor affect the performance.

That's great that the noise doesn't mean my card is dying but to me memory temperature looks bit too toasty with 102C peak temperature and 96C average.
I'm wondering how did review temps were ~83C.

Anyone else experiencing high memory temp or strange sound with their Pulse model?