Question Sapphire pulse radeon RX 560 4GB keeps losing signal to monitor fix?

Feb 17, 2020
So i built a new PC (well , not NEW but something i could afford) i got a RX-530ss Raidmax PSU and a RX560 4gb GPU with 8GB RAM and i5 3.2Ghz.

so i built it and installed windows 7 fresh, all drivers for the Asus H110M-K mobo and then the GPU drivers. i installed a game and a user benchmark to test the GPU out.

The GPU would constantly lose signal to screen and wind up its fans to 100% and i would have to hard reset because the screen will say no signal.

The fix:
Using MSI Afterburner i started messing around with the Power Limit (%) , rampped it up and down , restart after restart and checked what happened on the benchmark , started to notice it didn't crash at -50% , -40% , -30% and finally -20% power limit... anything above that it crashed.

Core clock / memory clock and fan speeds are all set to standard.:
Core clock 1226MHz ,
Memory Clock 1500MHz

voltage when benchmarking at -20% power limit. is:
687mv idle
1100mv max
Havent seen the GPU temp go over 35 degrees Celsius.

So i fixed the crashing issue on the GPU.

in my head im thinking it might be the PSU that is not giving the GPU enough power when it needs to do its thing or what might your thouhts be?
because i dont want to undervolt my GPU forever.

Will a better PSU help my situation?


Dec 8, 2019
your GPU draws it's power entirely from the PCI-E bus so the PSU should be be an issue - is the ATX/EPS cable connected? The PSU isn't great but should be able to power the card even at full load
Feb 17, 2020
Unfortunately i cant test the GPU on another system , but the GPU is brand new out of the box. ive seen a lot of posts about this RX560 giving issues like that. Right now i can play most games but Planetside 2 crashes the GPU after about 30 minutes of play.

Lowering the power limit solved the issue somewhat but its annoying now. i'm completely stumped.

PS. all cables are connected 100% , ive gone through the box multiple times now. there are no burn spots on the mobo either.
As far as i can tell , the setup is perfect, no loose connectors , no missing screws, no issues on physical parts.

The GPU just loses signal under heavy load , even at -50% power limit.
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