Question Sapphire pulse rx 580 8gb no display but has power.


Oct 24, 2015
Alright so here's the thing, i have this defect rx580 8gb from sapphire which powers on, however i dont have video output on any of the ports.
Being a bit more tech savy I've tried booting with igpu while the card is in, however I found that the card isn't recognized anywhere, using device manager and hwmonitor none seem to detect the card. Just to be 100% certain that its the card problem and not the mboard, i tried my rx 2060 in the pciex slot and it booted up just fine.
Other cards work too.
Next i moved on to open the card to check for any blown fuses using a multimeter and found that all are ok.
The card dosent appear to have any physical damage either and the chip itself seems to heat up( i turned it off immediately don't worry)
I didnt find any shorts anywhere, tho I didnt really go too deep searching, just the 12V and the fuses.
Last resort is "baking" or heatguning the card so I want to do everything I can before that.
Being at a loss as to what to do next Im asking the forums, any ideas are greatly appreciated.


The fuses i checked were the 2 under the external power jack and the one just above the pci-ex slot in the bottom left.