[SOLVED] Sapphire R9 390 8GB DDR5 Nitro TRI-X OC with Back Plate Fans never stop?


Feb 17, 2012
So heres the comp
i7 2600k
16gb ddr3 1600mhz
Asus Maximus IV GENE Z/GEN3
Samsung EVO 850 500GB
Sapphire R9 390 8GB DDR5 Nitro TRI-X OC with Back Plate
Corsair CX600
Windows 10 Pro N 1809

And heres the problem.
My gpu is supposed to turn fans completely off while its idle or browsing the web and that is exactly what it was doing for these last 3 years ive had it.
Everything was good and i could see the fans not spinning while my pc was idle.
My gpu idle temp is still the same as it was since i got it first day. 45 °C or 46 °C (shown in MSI afterburner).
But now all of a sudden the fans dont ever stop they are always spinning even while temps are same (45-46) so there must be some other factor making them work all the time.
So far ive only tried installing newer gpu driver but that didnt change anything.
This wouldnt be a problem if fans didnt make a really annoying sound at low rpm its like chirping (at gaming or loads they sound more bearable).
So if any of you have any suggestions im more than happy to hear them out!
Thanks alot for your time guys :)

PS i never oc'd the card or touched anything related to its fan curves or anything of sorts.