Sapphire Radeon hd 7970 problem


Feb 27, 2015
So today has been one to forget. My parents have a PC that I built for them a few months ago and the 750W power supply I had in it decided to quit working; all parts are fine so that was a relief. I plugged my power supply in to test it.

So when putting my PC back together I noticed that my Sapphire 7970 Dual-X Boost edition video card had only one fan spinning as if it wasn't receiving enough power. I checked the cables and the psu and they were both drawing power. I plugged one into the top right connector to see if it was still getting power and it wasn't; the top left connector was able to receive power but only power one fan.

The display did come on but with one fan running I am hesitant to do much with it so I stuck my old 570 in for the time being; have any of you all had this problem and is there a fix other than sending it in? I don't believe I have any warranty left on the product and I was planning on upgrading here later this year when I go and upgrade my cpu/mobo....

Basically what I am asking is what would you do in a situation like this and is there a fix that I am not thinking of or should I just buy a new card and if so what should I do? 970 or wait for 300 series?


Could be one of the fan connections is bad or one of the fans is bad.

That card has two power connectors you need both in, not sure what you were doing there testing it with one at a time, that may damage the card.

See if there are two fan connectoins on the card, if there are, swap them. If the good fan stops working, you know it's the connection.

You can also just get another cooler and see if that will work unless you just want to change the card to a new one, or just run it on one fan and see what happens, you can monitor the temperates and if they stay maxed at about 70C at full load, you are good.