Question Sapphire RX 5700 XT Nitro+ OC Special Edition

Feb 24, 2020
Does anyone have this card?
I need some advice.
Basically i dont know what im doing specifically with the core clock and voltage.

This card advertises a base clock of 1840mhz and a boost clock of 2035mhz.
The thing that i dont understand is the Radeon Softare settings, if i leave everything default then the clock is set to 2064mhz, that only gets the card up to roughly 2020mhz during games. It never reaches 2035mhz and apparently for some people it boosts way beyond that, on one review of the card the guy claimed it reached 2079mhz for him. How is that possible? In order for it to hit those numbers for me id have to ramp the clock up to probably 2150mhz which i have tried and it crashes the card immediately.
I think it was hardware unboxed that tested the card and they were apparently running it at 2125-2140mhz during testning and my question is simply... How?

It doesnt like me messing with the voltage, i have seen undervolting videos of people dropping it from 1200mv to under 1100mv without touching the clock but if I do that it crashes immediately during games.

If anyone has this card, what are your settings?
Also, general tips?

I should mention that this is my second rx 5700 xt i demanded a new one after the first one behaved just like this one is, crashing and me not understanding it. So there shouldnt be anything wrong with it unless i was unlucky enough and both cards were broken.