Question Sapphire RX 5700XT has seriously low clock speed and high VRAM speed ?


Jul 23, 2016
Hi there, I recently upgraded my PC with a new MOBO (B550M Mortar WiFi), CPU (Ryzen 5 3600) and the GPU which is a Sapphire RX 5700XT.

I put all the new parts together, inside the case, fired up the PC and did a clean installation of Windows from a USB. After booting Windows the first time, I installed the latest drivers for the GPU from AMD's official site, and downloaded Afterburner which I used with my old RX 470 for four years normally.

I noticed that the clock speeds of the GPU are seriously low, constantly hanging around 6MHz, and sometimes swiftly spiking up to a maximum of 80MHz. I thought Afterburner was showing false info, so I checked AMD's Adrenaline software, same thing there. Another thing I noticed is, the VRAM clock speed is at a constant of 1742MHz. I then tried to tune the speed of the fans, both in Afterburner and AMD, only for nothing to happen. I turned the speed to the max manually, and nothing happened.

I did a clean reinstall of drivers with DDU, in safe boot, same thing. I have noticed that, when switching the refresh rate to something below 144Hz, the VRAM clock speed drops significantly to 200MHz. The GPU clock speed remains the same.

I haven't tried gaming yet, I am downloading a game right now. Will update the thread.

Anyone else encountered this issue? I'd appreciate if someone would atleast tell me if this something that should worry me, this is my first time doing work around my PC. Thanks.
Try a different driver version. If you look in the patch notes of the drivers you can see that there are some cases of misreporting clock speeds. I have 2-3 versions back from the latest since I found them the most table.



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