[SOLVED] Sapphire RX580/590 vs Inno3d GTX1070ti vs Zotac GTX1080 mini for long-term 1080p gaming?

Feb 11, 2019
Hello guys!
Hope this kind of questions are welcome here, because I really need a bit of advice on this. And it's a bit specific, due to limited amount of choices I have at the moment.

So I came to this point in my life when my almost 10 years old radeon hd5770 doesn't run most of the new titles anymore (at all, black screens, rest in pepperoni). And it is time to choose a successor to the throne.
I'm planning to play at 1080p 60hz, I don't think I'm going to buy a new monitor any time soon. I have a maximum budget of about 12k UAH. My options are:

Zotac GTX1080 mini - the most powerful. The price is 12k, the warranty is only 1 year, and the store is absolutely unfamiliar to me, so I can't really say if the card is used (mining maybe?), but the store claims that it's new.

Inno3d GTX 1070ti herculez twin - the price is around 12k too, the warranty is 3 years, the store is reliable, I used to buy parts there. But I'm not so sure about how good the cooling system of this card is.

sapphire RX580/590 nitro+ - the price is arond 7k for 580 and 9k for 590, the warranty is 3 years, the same reliable store. But are those cards able to keep going for another 5 years+, or is it more like 2-3 years and then a huge drop off in performance?

Other cards that I didn't mention like 1070, or 1080 from other stores/brands are out of my reach because they either cost over 12k (in my country at least), or have no warranty at all, which probably means that they are used cards, and I don't trust the used market so much. And 1060 long-term is probably going to be bottlenecked by it's 6GB VRAM at some point.

Would you take a risk and buy GTX1080 from an unknown vendor or would you buy a 1070ti with a somewhat ify cooling system, but from the vendor you trust? Or is it all an overkill and RX580/590 is enough for 1080p for the next 5 years?


Jan 25, 2008
This is a tough call. GPUs are in an transitional state right now with the move to 7nm manufacturing. AMD should be releasing new GPUs before 2019 is over, and nVidia probably has stuff up their sleeve as well.

If money is no issue, get the 1070ti. The RX580/590 should do everything you need for 2-3 years at least.

A couple of months ago I bought an RX570 (8GB version) for cheap. I have no complaints. I bought it as a stop-gap card to hold me over until the next gen cards release.


Jan 5, 2015
Get the most powerful card you can afford in my opinion. As said, cards are kind of transitioning. Who knows if ray tracing will be a thing though. I think someone from AMD said they don't believe that technology will really be viable for about 5 years. I would say get the best card you can now and hope for the best.

I would say if you decide on a new monitor at some point, 144hz, even at 1080p is pretty nice. It makes for a smoother gaming experience imo.