Question Sapphire rx580 nitro 8 gb crashing while gaming

Mar 20, 2020
Hey everyone!
For a while a now i experience this problem. My games are crashing after 10-15 mins sometimes to desktop, other times it gets me a no signal and i have to reboot the pc and sometimes it tells me that program is not responding. I bought the sapphire rx 580 8gb last summer and I dont know what causing the crashes. I dont have tthe best cpu and it bottlenecks on some games but I've read that bottleneck never cause crashes. I have to say that i dont experience frame drops just sudden crashes. I also notice that my GPU usage drops from 99% to 0% and gets back to 99% but a while after it drops to 1% and the game freezes and says not responding. I tried tweaking the memory clock and the voltage from msi afterburner but nothing worked for me. I really need your help guys!

Here is my specs:
CPU: Intel 2500k
GPU: Sapphire RX580 nitro+ 8gb
Mobo: ASUS P8H61-M LE
Ram: 8gb
PSU: Corsair CX500
Storage: 128 gb SSD, 240 gb HDD


May 5, 2018
Are you sure your GPU is plugged in properly? Do check that, because if it isn't that may answer why your thing crashes. I'd also suggest checking if you're playing on your GPU and not integrated graphics, could be you plugged your monitor cable to the mother board.Faulty memory could also be a culprit here, if you have multiple sticks take them out and check them individually
If these aren't the cases then what others thing have you noticed when crashing, no sound? Temperatures when the Graphics card and CPU are tested and wether this happens on some games or is the case with all of them