Question Sapphire Rx580 nitro 8gb crashing while gaming

Mar 20, 2020
Hey everyone!
For a while a now i experience this problem. My games are crashing after 10-15 mins sometimes to desktop, other times it gets me a no signal and i have to reboot the pc and sometimes it tells me that program is not responding. I bought the sapphire rx 580 8gb last summer and I dont know what causing the crashes. I dont have tthe best cpu and it bottlenecks on some games but I've read that bottleneck never cause crashes. I have to say that i dont experience frame drops just sudden crashes. I also notice that my GPU usage drops from 99% to 0% and gets back to 99% but a while after it drops to 1% and the game freezes and says not responding. I tried tweaking the memory clock and the voltage from msi afterburner but nothing worked for me. I really need your help guys!

Here is my specs:
CPU: Intel 2500k
GPU: Sapphire RX580 nitro+ 8gb
Mobo: ASUS P8H61-M LE
Ram: 8gb
PSU: Corsair CX500
Storage: 128 gb SSD, 240 gb HDD