News Sapphire's First Toxic GPU in 5 Years Is To Die For


Wouldnt that cost much more though?
Is there a difference between that full loop and the 360 aio for the gpu in terms of temps?

I would say that getting the closed loop on a CPU is one thing, but then getting the closed loop on the GPU would just make things even more cumbersome. Getting a full CPU - GPU block is more expensive but it also means that parts are somewhat easier to replace on the full loop than they are with a closed loop. Also means a ton of extra cables cluttering your system and makes things harder to manage.
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Sweet! They didn't go with a radial fan like Asus did with the Strix LC... and they didn't make a mess of the cables either?
Heck yeah, that's a potential buy from me!

Now if only pricing wasn't so retarded right now...

There's no need to do separate loops for cpu and gpu: hybrid gpu + air cooled cpu = win.
Do hybrid on one or the other, not both - I did it for testing purposes - it turned into a royal pain in the butt.
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