Question SAS HDD vs USB HDD storage

Apr 20, 2019
Hi all!

I'm getting to experience using a MegaRAID SAS 9260-4i 6Gbps controller card with 4x4TB (HGST MegaScale DC 4000.B HMS5C4040BLE640 3yr warranty) drives (total with raid card+cable $315) on because I thought having a isolated even migrate-able controller would ensure the ideal storage function. I also bought a 8TB Seagate Backup Plus USB drive with 2yr warranty (total $150.85) .

10.9TB RAID 5 from 16TB drive (4 drives 284.66 shipped)
2TB write transfer sustained 20+MB/s
170MB/s + read

RAID 10:
7.27TB available
12GB write sustained 32-36MB/s (bursted 600MB/s)
260MB/s + read

Seagate 8TB USB:
7.27TB available
2TB write transfer sustained 140-160MB/s
150-200MB/s read sustained (bursted 1.2Gbps down)

I don't have one with a battery so cache is likely not enabled and I don't have to worry about volume loss but that slow write compared RAID10 vs USB solution. I'm going to use the Z390 motherboard's RAID 10 and determine if there is a gain. I got a deal I thought on the 4TB drives and considering their cost full price it was thought they should perform better than the USB.

Can anyone readily say any advantages of the internal HDDS vs current USB tech? what disadvantages are there (besides 1 year less warranty)?
There should be no overhead on the RAID 10.

I had a LSI 9260-8i that i bought off ebay but it was failing (got my money back and didn't have to return it. Lasted me a little while though. The controller would reboot my server every so often which it was just a Plex server so wasn't a huge deal) but I had a few RAID 0's and was getting the full 100Mbps+ sustained speeds. to the hard drives (8x2TB WD REDS).

I would install the LSI MegaRAID Storage Manager into your PC and make sure all casheing is off and is set for write through.