sata 3tb hard drive shows up in BIOS but not in device/disk manager


Jun 30, 2014
got a refurbished wd 3tb sata hard drive.

It shows up in the BIOS but as a 0,0gb drive and it says "Software preserve NOT SUPPORTED"

It doesn't show up in the disk manager or the device manager in windows.

it appears it makes some kind of mechanical cyclic noise at startup but i can't tell for sure.

any advices / hopes? (can't test it in another system until weekend)
Hey there, davs8!

I'm sorry to hear about your connectivity issues with the WD HDD! :( Clicking noises could be indicating internal hardware failure on the drive, so it's best to check how it appears on another system this weekend. Meanwhile, you could try using a different SATA cable and plugging it to a different SATA port on the motherboard. If it's still not recognized by the operating system, you should consider resetting BIOS and also check if you have the latest SATA controller & Chipset drivers for your motherboard. You should be able to do that from the mobo manufacturer's official website.

Keep me posted with the troubleshooting & Good luck! :)