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Question Sata AHCI mode not working with NVME?

Jan 23, 2020
As mentioned in an early post, I have an Asus UX490UA which I have had some issues with when installing a Samsung EVO 970 plus 1 tb. The drive running only at half speed.
First I thought it was the drive, but then tested in another machine, and there is no problem. Then I have discovered that for some wird reason Sata AHCI isn't detected on this ASUS machine in Windows. Even though its the only option I can choose in the bios in regards to the transfer mode . So 1 mio dollar question what is the Samsung drive running on? Since AHCI isn't found by Windows? And when I try to install the rapid stoage from intel from Asus website, the program says "This platform" isn't supported. Could the Sata AHCI controller be broken? If not is there in program that can detect if AHCI mode is really on? Regards if the driver works or not?
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