SATA and ATA in slim dvd drives - any connector difference?


Apr 14, 2009
I'm wondering now about the connectors in laptop dvd/cd drives -is there any difference in sata and ata/ide ? Googling for this does not lead me to anywhere. specs of slim dvd drives also omit this
I have a slim dvd-rw drive (toshiba ts-l532r) that seems to be ATA standard (although some specs list this as SATA -maybe there 2 versions, don't know) because it worked in and older HP nc6000 (~2005) that had ATA hd's too. Now my friend needs to replace her dvd-rw drive in her newer HP dv6000 (also 12.5mm dvd drive) that visually has the same connector - is it still ATA then or a SATA drive with the same connector ? I guess if I put wrong one it will simply not work but didn't want to risk this.

of course I am not speaking about the different frame/connectors for certain laptops that you need to attach often but the connector on the drive itself