SATA Detection problem


Jun 8, 2006
Ive read a lot of other posts concerning CLOSE to the same problem, but just doesnt seem to fit my situation exactly.
I have an Asus A7N8X-E Deluxe motherboard.
Current hard drive is an IDE, bought a SATA so that i no longer need the IDE.
I went to install the Sata Drive and every time i go to load windows onto the hard can NEVER detect it. ALways get a message saying windows detects that there is no hard drive on this system.

Heres what ive done:
Set bios to NONE option on IDE boot.
SEt all serial related things to auto detect.
Boot order set to CDRom, then SCSI.
Once in windows load mode, hit F6 and then "S" to load drivers that i down loaded from the western digital website (its a WD sata drive).

WIndows detects the drivers when i install them but still, in the end, tells me it cant detect any hard drive installed on system. I KNOW i have everything plugged in correctly. Weird thing is that just after post screen, the SATA drive shows up in the raid controller perfectly....just dont get it.

Wasted 6 hours of my life trying to figure this one out yesterday and still no success. REally need some input here. THanks for your time all.


did you setup raid to use the drive as JBOD - just a bunch of disks, or as a simple single hard drive?

are you still going to use the ide drive? if so why not just use the ide as your boot drive as before and use the sata drive for storage/games. There wont be any speed difference between them.


I'm fairly sure that board used an add-in SATA RAID chip. NO, you DON'T EVER load drivers for your hard drive, you load them for your controller chip.

So, get the correct drivers from Asus, not Western Digital.

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