Question sata devices messed up, drive names missing and ssd detected as cd/dvd drive?!


Sep 17, 2017
Hello everyone.

I'm having a really strange problem lately.
Almost every time when I boot my pc, I get a message "bootmgr missing".
When checking in the bios, I see that one or multiple volumes (are detected, but) have missing names. The displayed name is this: ▯▯
Two white vertical rectangles.

Even stranger: There is the name of a SSD which is listed as CD/DVD drive. What .. the.. ?
You can see it in this picture: View:

Every time I boot the 'broken drives' are different. Sometimes it's an ssd and some hdd, sometimes it's all disks, sometimes only 1 ssd, ...
I can succeed in booting if I switch of the power, wait a while, boot into bios (where magically everything appears normal again), select the correct boot drive, reboot, and voila.
But the next morning it's always the same problem again.
Rebooting without disconnecting the power for a while has never fixed the problem.

I already replaced the sata cable for my main SSD but it didn't resolve the problem.

Mobo is MSI z270 xpower gaming titanium (MS-7A58)

Any ideas?