Sata DVD to IDE Hard drive



I am having issues here :)
My old pc motherboard died so I have a new pc from a friend - this has a sata hard drive and dvd ,
I have put in 2 ide hard drives my former data drive and former OS. They are both set to slave.
When I boot from the sata master drive the dvd is not there! If I boot from the ide drive the dvd is there but with no sound! A real pain in butt.
How can I configure the Sata DVD to run from The SATA hard drive please.
First, I assume you mean that the two IDE old dives are connected to ONE IDE port and sharing one ribbon data cable. You have set the jumpers on both these units to Slave. That is wrong.

"Master" and "Slave" are settings that relate only to the one IDE port the units are connected to. There is NO Master HDD for the entire computer; hence, none of the other units are Slaves to it.

On the two old IDE drives that share one port and data cable, one MUST have its jumpers set to Master, and the other MUST be Slave. More specifically, the one on the END of the data ribbon with the Black connector must be Master. The one on the middle Grey connector must be Slave. Set them that way.

Now, boot and go directly into BIOS Setup. Find the place where you set the Boot Priority Sequence. You need to make sure the right devices are in here, and not any others. I think your plan is to boot from the SATA drive, and allow for occasionally booting from a bootable DVD in the optical drive, but never boot from the old IDE units.

Set the OPTICAL unit on a SATA port as the FIRST boot device, and the SATA HDD as the second one. Make sure the IDE drives are NOT part of the boot sequence. In this way, the computer will try to boot first from the optical unit. In most cases it will not find a bootable DVD there and will jump immediately to the second choice, the SATA HDD, and succeed. Once you have these set up, Save and Exit from BIOS Setup, and the machine will reboot the way you want.

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