Question SATA female cap pulled off motherboard

Aug 19, 2019
When attempting to install Windows 10 on an ECS P55H-CM motherboard with an i5 760 and 2x2GB of ram, the computer freezes at exactly the same spot every time, shortly after clicking on the button “Install Now.” This happens when using a USB drive and with a DVD.

If my memory serves me, this is right before the screen to select a hard drive to install to.

As an important aside, one of the SATA plastic caps was already “missing” from the motherboard, and I didn’t notice when I bought it with a bunch of other old parts, but I also accidently pulled off a different SATA cap when removing a cable from the motherboard. And that has never happened to me before. Obviously a design flaw. After I pulled one off myself, I then noticed that the other near it was already missing. I gently put it back on and made sure none of the pins were toughing each other on the other one.

Bios reads the HDD just fine. It attempts to load Windows from the DVD drive, also SATA. No IDE cables on this motherboard. But when attempting to read the HDD, it freezes. Or that is my theory. It is always at that spot.

But the first missing SATA cap and my experience with the other one may have nothing to do with this computer freezing.

I have tried moving the HDD to all of the free SATA ports. I also pulled the cap back off of the one I pulled off to make sure I didn’t put it on incorrectly, and the pins are not toughing.

Any ideas, other than throwing the motherboard in a dumpster. Getting another 1156 motherboard to play with does not seem smart, even though I have that i5 760. But I want to play with it.


There's only so much you can explain via text that you need the aid of images. Mind sharing the extent of the damage of the SATA ports on the motherboard? You might want to also pass on a list to your specs. List them like so:
OS: Windows 10? If so which version?

Including the age of all the parts. Mixing and matching the two sticks of ram?
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