Question SATA Hard Drive Noisy - PC Power Problem?

Aug 11, 2022
Hello All

I have a fairly old PC and on the back it has a SATA expansion thingy with 2 SATA ports and 2 SATA power ports.

I was using this with just 1 SATA drive connected to it until recently and it has always been fine, then I decided to upgrade my laptop to an SSD but it's significantly smaller so I wanted to plug the old hard drive in to the 2nd SATA port and copy all my music to my PC.

None of these drives are SSD.

So I now have 2 drives connected to the SATA expansion, both are sitting on a small bit of wood on top of the PC case, the drives both show up in Windows but the laptop hard drive seems to make an unusual knocking noise.

The drive never made a knocking noise when it was in my laptop and I removed it carefully.

Sometimes it happens when a song is playing, other times it's when I'm on the internet - which is odd as I didn't think browsing the net would trigger the slave hard drives into action, sometimes when playing a song it's really bad and the song keeps skipping.

Anyway, when I disconnect the other drive, the old laptop drive doesn't make a knocking noise and it seems fine.

When I reconnect the other drive, the knocking noise returns.

I've switched the drives round and the same thing happens but it only seems to be my 2.5inch laptop drive that knocks, not the 3.5inch drive.

Could it be...

A sign of a failing drive?

A PSU problem?

A SATA cable problem?

Due to the laptop drive being fairly newer than the PC?

Obviously I can go back to using just one drive but this bizzare problem will nag my mind until I can find an explanation for it.

Thanks for your time