Question SATA HDD won't show in Windows 7 - Shows "ATA Channel" driver missing in DeviceManager

Mar 16, 2021
I've taken a 3.5" internal 1TB SATA HDD from one desktop PC and placed it into another, but Windows will not detect it in its new home.
  • Both PCs are running the same version of Windows 7 SP1.
  • The HDD is detected by the BIOS, which correctly reports its manufacturer and size.
  • The HDD is not shown in the 'Disk Management' section of 'Component Management', and it is not masked by any other drives.
  • In the 'Device Manager', Windows reports an error with 'ATA Channel 1', which is the port I plugged the HDD into. If I plug the HDD into a different SATA port, then 'Device Manager' reports an error with that channel instead. The actual error message is: 'The drivers for this device are not installed. (Code 28)'.
  • I have the latest motherboard drivers installed. The Hardware Ids reported by the properties dialog are 'Intel-8c82' and 'Internal IDE Channel'.
  • I also have a SATA SDD plugged into the same computer (ATA Channel 2) and it works perfectly. In 'Device Manager', 'ATA Channel 2' (which works) gives the same Hardware Ids as 'ATA Channel 1'.
  • It could be a problem with the HDD, but it ran without problems in its previous PC and it is detected correctly by the BIOS.
  • I have used a brand new SATA data cable but it didn't make any difference.
  • These are the only two SATA devices installed in the PC.
  • All SATA ports are configured as 'AHCI' in the BIOS. From a suggestion found elsewhere, I tried changing them to 'IDE' and then back to 'AHCI' after it failed to boot, but it didn't help.
Any suggestions as to what could prevent a very ordinary SATA HDD from being detected by Windows 7 would be very much appreciated.

Thanks in advance.