Sata III Corsair SSD on a mxi x58 pro-e

Yes, just plug into first Sata II slot. Will lose some performance. Primarily on the Sequencial read/writes. But this is the LEAST important parameter for an OS +Program drive.
For installation of Windows (recommend a freash Install), first disconnect all HDD, reconnect after the Windows installation is complete
Don't forget to verify/set AHCI mode in BIOS.

When installation is complete, down load and install Intels RST driver (Newest is 10.8 I believe.

Down load AS SSD - don't need to run Bench marks unless you want to. But Look at upper left, it will:
Identify SSD and latest firmware
Should show driver = msahci, after update driver to Intel then should read iaSTor.
Will show that partion alignment is correct.

Correct, SATA3 Ports are backwards compatible BUT Intel SATA2 Ports are limited to 290MB/s~295MB/s. The Corsair SSD is 525 MB/s Read and 490 MB/s Write.

IMO for a few bucks more get a 128GB SSD, 60GB is way too small ; OCZ Petrol PTL1-25SAT3-128G 2.5" 128GB -

Most of the 'issues' in the feedback and with most SSD's is because folks fail to match-up BIOS = AHCI <=> Start = 0 and instead Windows is improperly set to Start = 3 = IDE and the wrong drivers are loaded.

Use 'Fix It' or correctly set the registry values; see ->

Also, make certain the Firmware is up to date if available; see ->

This is common for all SSD's.