Question SATA m.2 unable to be opened

Dec 10, 2020
TLDR: SATA m.2 is visible on both bios and disk manager but is unable to be opened in windows explorer
PS: yes the drive is formatted

Ill start with how this issue started. I wanted to uninstall some programs i didnt use any because my NVme C drive was getting close to being full. When i built the computer i had only gotten a 250gb drive for the boot drive and a 2tb hard drive for storage and over the years the boot drive had been getting closer and closer to being full. I have added another SATA m.2 and SSD for more storage and have been meaning to switch to a large boot drive but haven’t gotten around to it.

anyway in the process of uninstalling stuff my computer crashed and then wouldn’t boot again. The bios stopped recognizing the boot drive but was still about to see my hard drive, sata m.2, and SSD. I finally ended up installing windows to the SSD to get the computer to boot again although the old C drive is still unrecognizable on both the bios and disk managers.

I plan to take the old drive in to a shop to see what happened to it but now even though the computer is operating again and can see all the other drives, the SATA m.2 can not be opened anymore. I can see it in the bios and i can see it in the disc manager and it even shows me how much space is available still on it but it will not alot me to open it or see it in windows explorer