Question SATA port (provided by C602 chipset) not recognized in Windows 10


Mar 13, 2017
problem: Devices connected to the 2nd SATA port is not recognized in Windows10.

some info:
  • HP Z820 desktop with 2 SATA ports (from Intel chipset) + 4 SCU SATA ports (from chipset and unused) + 8 SATA ports from an LSI chip
  • I am not experiencing issues with the 1st SATA port. I can see any device connected to the 1st SATA port.
  • Both ports (and the connected devices) are recognized and usable in Manjaro (installed on a separate SSD)
  • The HDD is formatted as NTFS.
Test I've done/things I've checked:
  • In the BIOS, the connected HDD shows up (connected to the 2nd SATA port). I also have a BDROM in the first SATA port.
  • With my HDD not showing up in Windows, I've looked at Device Manager in Windows10 but there are no errors/issues there.
  • I've swapped my BDROM and HDD. Both still shows up in the BIOS. But the BDROM has disappeared from Windows while the HDD showed up in Windows.
  • As another test, I've connected my SSD (containing Manjaro at the moment) on the 1st SATA port and connected the HDD on the 2nd SATA port. I can see both disks when I booted into Manjaro/Linux. I can even mount the HDD (read only) inside Linux.
  • I have no issues with any HDDs when connected to the SATA ports provided by the LSI chip.
Any ideas? Thanks!


Are you on the latest BIOS update for your workstation platform? Do you have Intel's Rapid Storage Technology driver installed? Speaking of installed, what version of Windows 10 are you on at the time of writing? I'd also advise on reinstalling the chipset and MEI drivers in an elevated command, i.e, Right click installer>Run as Administrator.
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