May 12, 2011
I have an SSD that I am going to connect to my sata 6Gb/s port but I also have three older HDD's. Is it ok to connect them in other sata 6Gb/s ports or should those only be plugged in the sata 3Gb/s ports? Thanks.
Hard drives cannot spin fast enough to saturate 3Gb/s ports so you can connect them to 3Gb/s ports or 6Gb/s ports without any loss in performance.

each port can be mixed. the port with the 3 gig will slow down but not the other one.


Jun 5, 2012
I installed an old hard-drive and seems that killed my windows installation on the solid state. It would blue screen right after bios screen, and in save mode, a few lines of code would come up and then blue screen as well. Same when I took out the hard-drive. I'm guessing this is what happened. I would have used a red sata cable if i had one, but i didn't' have any, so I used the white one that i found from somewhere, maybe it came with the solid state. But the solid state I had plugged in with the red one, and the old drive I was installing with the white one. I wasn't paying attention to the sata slots on the mother board, but 4 where blue, and 2 white. The white ones were 6gb, and the blue ones where 3. So I'm guessing that plugging the faster white cable into the slower 3gb slot and the slower red cable from solid state into the other one caused windows to explode. Windows recovery tool couldn't even see the operating system when I lunched from cd. After connecting cables properly it was still same blue screen after bios. So I just reinstall windows and everything is fine. I conclude that I had improperly connected the cables. Is it true then that the white ones must go into the white slots or they'll explode your windows? Just trying to figure out what happened.