Question SATA SSD boot/read issue

Oct 26, 2021
I built a new PC recently, got myself a M2 NVMe SSD, which i installed my boot on it. Moved my old SATA SSD as a storage option, without reformatting it.

Few days ago my PC refused to boot when turning on the power. Stuck at the motherboard AORUS screen which shows the hotkeys, but i could not even enter bios by spamming all the keys. After removing my old SATA SSD I was then able to enter bios and boot up as per normal like nothing happened. My bios settings is to boot from my M2 SSD, not the SATA one.

I have some important work documents on this old SATA SSD, so i tried to recover it. I bought a SATA USB enclosure. I tested the enclosure with another SSD I have, and it works, i was able to read and transfer files. But when I inserted the old SSD, it does not show up as a drive at all, unable to access or see it entirely.

Anyone able to help me with this issue? If not I may need to engage hard disk data recovery which is quite costly. Thanks alot!