Satellite Decoder?


Jul 23, 2001
Hi, I apologize if somebody has already asked this-I'm really busy and don't have time to look around.

I have Dish Network and I was wondering if there are any TV Tuners capable of decoding the signal directly from my dish?

I am pretty sure that I can capture TV from the dish as long as I use the "box" to change the channels (the computer would just get the output from the box, almost like video in, right?). Please let me know if that statement is right or wrong as well.

I've read some opinions on good tuner cards, but suggestions are much appreciated. I basically want a good TV Capture card, and secondarily a card that can decode the satellite signal directly if such a card exists.

Thanks in advance...

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Yes there are Satalite decoder cards, but unfortunately they appear to be for the Euro-centric SKY-dish network (owned by Rupert Murdoch) at least the ones I've seen. For US digital users, Hauppauge only makes CABLE tuner cards, and I think they only work with COMCAST's cable IIRC.

And yes if you hook your computer up to your Satelite (box) Receiver's outputs you should have no trouble recording (I used to do that all the time before getting a PVR).

Being a dish user your main/only option at the moment would be to have your receiver change channels (which if it has a program scheduler it can) and then doing the recording through your composite or sVHS out. If you live in a good area, perhaps you could combine the HDTV-Wonder (check the link I posted) which will give you over the air DTV, as well as SVHS caputre capability. But as I said I think direct Sattelite decoding on your PC is out.

Hope that helps.

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Apr 17, 2004
Can you provide furthur details on the Sky decoders (manuf, links, etc)?

the IIRC Hauppauge tuner might work on other systems, and even not all Comcast (example: they acquired AT&T which MAY have not been uniform). In particular, am interested in the H card if works with Motorola 5100 codes. TIA