Sattelite laptop - Can I replace 2gb sticks with 4gb sticks?


Feb 12, 2010
Hi, I have a Sattelite laptop. It has 4 gigs of ram, 2 x 2gb DDR3 1066Mhz in the slots. The memory is failing. Can I replace them with 2 x 4gb DDR3 1066Mhz sticks?
Will there be a performance difference between 4gb and 8gb for typical gaming and 3d rendering? Will Windows 7 x64 be able to use all the memory?

Also, many sticks advertise timing. What does the timing on a memory stick mean?



Aug 5, 2011
Windows 7 x64 can use the memory, yes. There will be little if any gaming benefit - ram is more about multitasking. In most cases it is fine to replace 2x2gb with 2x4gb, however check the specs on the motherboard. Sometimes motherboards have a limit to the amount of ram you can use. I don't know much about Sattelite but usually if you find the model on the company website it will list the maximum supported ram.

You can read up about what memory timings mean on your own. Here's a wiki to get you started:
Bottom line, though, is that timings are not as important as they used to be so I wouldn't worry about it too much. The most important timing is CAS Latency and a CL of around 9 is about what you want. Given two kits of ram where the only difference is CAS Latency, don't pay extra for the more expensive kit.