News Save $50 Off on Intel's Arc A770: Real Deals


Eh . . it definitely beats the RTX 3060 price/performance, at the expense of greater power draw, but it's almost matched in performance by the much cheaper RX 6650XT, and outperformed and undercut in price by the RX 6700 (non-XT).

There's even an RX 6700 XT model at $349.99 as of today according to PC Part Picker.


If they keep improving you might prefer the a770 for the extra vram as newer games seem to want more and more.
Are we at the point where 1080p is really demanding more than either 10 or 12 GB VRAM, or even 8GB VRAM? By the time that becomes a serious issue, if at all, these cards will be old.

It is getting close to a 6700 xt in some titles now.
That seems implausible. The 6700 XT has, overall testing based on the hierarchy chart, a 25-30% lead over the A770 at 1080p, about 19% at 1440p, and 10% at 4K.

I suppose there might be a few outlier titles where the A770 might have a smaller gap than that, sure. Possible. Which games are "close"?

Regardless of that, though, why pay the same price for lesser performance across the board?

Tom Sunday

Jul 24, 2020
Simply an aside: Indeed the GPU business is looking up. Nice move for Intel to finally entering the race for the man on the street! Meanwhile Jensen Huang Nvidia's co-Founder has seen his net worth explode over the past few weeks, with 'Bloomberg Billionaires' stating that the tech mogul has already seen is net worth increase by over $4 billion this year. Huang's net worth comes thanks to his Nvidia stock, which has seen its value increase by over 35% over the past month. WTF!