News Save $50 on this Corsair Crystal Series 570X RGB Mid-tower Case


Since its early days, Corsair has been well renowned for its case building heritage
This is not even remotely accurate. Corsairs heritage is DRAM. If you want to be even more specific it would have been cache as they started off as a cache developer and when Intel integrated L2 cache into CPUs they moved to DRAM. They have been around since 1994. They didn't develop their first case until 2009.

Most notably there’s a significant absence of a vertical graphics card mount, or any USB Type C support, and to be fair even back in the day we would've loved to have seen a full-length PSU cover.|-Parts/Crystal-570X-RGB-USB-3-1-Type-C-I-O-Panel-Upgrade-Kit/p/CC-8900141

There is a $20 dollar upgrade kit to get USB Type-C. I agree a full shroud would have been nice but it also would have killed the cases ability to hold a 360mm radiator in the front thus limiting its maximum cooling capacity. The nicest thing about the case is that you have tons of room in the front for cooling.

I do have the case and I do love the case. Plan to someday upgrade the fans from the HD120s I have to the LL120s. It is a clean looking case.



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