Say it aint so nVidia


Apr 8, 2009
wow its just getting sad how nvidia can't keep up... But there is something in me that keeps saying that nvidia has a trick up its sleeve, even seeing all these articles. I just can't accept that a major company like nvidia hasn't been able to design anything since the G92... we'll just have to see, i hope they can make a comeback so we get some price reductions :)
Well, the INQ has signed NDAs now, maybe theyre going legit.
Yes I would have. It doesnt mean hes right, all they have to do is deny it. If its true and they deny it, itll be worse, if its not true, theyve got one on ol Charlie, so, they need to say it isnt so
:lol:, I would be mightily surprised if anyone over at Nvidia takes any notice of some bloggers ramblings, they are working very much to their own agenda as usual and do not appear to be in much of a rush to embrace the shiny new DX promises, as for the reasons why I don't know but let's hope that the predicted price of the new ATi cards is not a sign of the new future in store for us all.
Well, Im sure ATI is busy also, doing its own thing, and isnt bothered with a lessor bloggers findings as well heheh.
Hes been blackballed by the company, so theres little correspondence between the 2 .
Its fairly elaborate, which is either someones gone out of their way to do this, or, its true.
I wouldnt write this one down as a bad source. Too many fine details.

As for the ATI pricing, I guess if thats the 399 for the 5870 youre referring to, then the 5850 will have to beat the 285 handily at 300$, or whats the point?
Which would mean the 5870 is as fast as the good rumors say
Cant have 1 and the other, it has to be one OR the other