Says it cant detect nvidia on my computer. please help


Oct 19, 2011
i have alienware m11x, which comes installed with the nvidia. Im not too tech savy when it comes to this stuff. But when i click on the NVIDIA control panel, it says it cant detect. Is there any way i can fix this? I mean, did i turn it off or something? please help
Maybe it didn't come on or wasn't active when you tried the NVCPL. The problem is that the Nvidia Chip comes into play only during loads above the threshold of the Intel Graphics Media Accelerator that is integrated into that laptop.
You could try to use some sort of a GPU stress-er and then try opening the NVCPL.
It will detect it then for sure.

FurMark is a simple stress test that stresses the GPU you can download it from here

I'd suggest trying to run this and after a minute of it running, side by side open the NVCPL.