SB 128 Vibra allows only one sound playback?


Jan 23, 2001
Really need some help with this one...

I need to know why I cant get more than one simultaneous sounds. F.ex. I cant listen to mp3:s while running UT, Heroes 3 or any other game/program. I don´t even hear the plong from the cashregister in Dopewars!

Sound quality is awesome when wathing DVD:s, playing games or audio CD:s, it´s just that it refuses to play two at a time...

Soundcard is Soundblaster 128 Vibra (according to the helpfiles also known as Ensoniq or Soundblaster 16 depending on which region you bought it in, I live in sweden).

My retailers´ website says it doesn´t work satisfactory with Abit KT7/KT7A but by the time I saw that it was already at the postoffice... website doesn´t say what the problem was, just that you should get SB Live 1024 instead for KT7/KT7A-systems.

Aside from this and that I cant get sound in No One Lives Forever its working just fine.

Creative doesn´t seem to have ANY drivers for the card.

Win 98 SE
Abit KT7A
Duron 750
128 MB Mosel Vitelic PC133 CAS 2
Soundblaster 128 Vibra (CT4810?)
Leadtek Geforce2 MX
Seagate U5 40 GB
15" AST monitor from year of the lord 1993


your problem could just be that your card dosnt have enough voices that cards only supports 128 voices. get a new live MP3+ card it supports 1204 voices and i can do 5 things at once on it and i still have no problems opening annother. but then again it could be drivers and i never heard alot of good things about those cards to begin with. Sound Blaster MP3+ at least if u wana do alot of sound at once.