SB Live 1024 or On-board + Good speakers?



I've just bought myself a new Mobo (Asus A7A266 with On-board sound chip CMI8738SX), and I would like to improve upon the rather tame basic generic stero speakers I have got.

I don't yet have a DVD, but even when I do, will not really be watching much in the way of DVD movies on the computer (gonna go for a seperate living room unit), but want to play games with good sound (I'm no expert, but appreciate good quality, clear but not loud sound) for games such as the about to be released in the UK Myst III.

My choice is either to stick with the on-board chip and get a good 2.1 system, such as Labtec Pulse 415, Labtect Pulse 424, or Yamaha YSTMS30 (what I can find for sale in the UK), or a 4.1 system such as Creative FPS1500. (cost about £50 - £60)


Buy the old SoundBlaster 1024 PLayer, bundle including FPS100 speakers, that my local GAME store still has for about £100.

What do you reckon, for what I want, is the 4.1 system worth bothering with, or would I get a better sound for my money, to go for a good 2.1 speaker set up?



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Jun 1, 2001
4.1 is nice (I'm going 5.1 soon), but unless you've got something that has support for it, it's almost useless. Almost. For instance, most games are "3D", but not surround. DVDs are surround, which is the main reason you'd get the fancy speaker setup. For what you're doing, I'd say just go for the 2.1. If you put 4.1 or 5.1 speakers on a game wihout 4.1/5.1 support, the sound will still be all around you, but it won't be different in different places. For a game like Myst III, it will sound nice, but not a lot different. If you're playing Unreal Tournament, for example, then when someone behind you shoots at you, it'll actually come from behind you.

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