Question SB8200 rebooting …


Sep 7, 2019
Have an Arris sb8200 that is randomly rebooting many times thru the day. Actually to a point it’s really annoying. The cable comes up from the ground at the house and goes into a weatherproof box. The cable screws into a ground block then goes to a splitter then thru the wall which my modem is directly on the other side. I have replaced the coax from the ground block to splitter and from splitter to modem and it still have the same issues. I have attached the log file. Thoughts ?
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Your upstream power is too high. Generally this means the ISP equipment is having issues hearing your modem and instructing it to increase its output power. This is generally cabling. Try to connect the modem directly to the ground block with a short cable and compare the numbers. It very easily could be something like water or dirt in a connection someplace in one the ISP boxes outside.
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