News Scalper Selling Radeon RX 6600 XT On Newegg For $1,100


I'm not buying until they are forced to sell under MSRP.
I'm not buying anything that is over $200 and has less than 6GB of VRAM. The way things have been going for most of the last year, that isn't going to happen unless AMD, Nvidia and their board partners screw up by grossly over-ordering parts and get stuck with a years-long over-stock of parts they struggle to get rid of - much like how part of the reason GPU prices aren't going down further despite stock now becoming available on store shelves is retailers, distributors and AIBs being stuck with inventory they acquired at inflated prices and wanting to pass the bill to consumers instead of writing off part of the profit they made from price-gouging them earlier.
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Jun 9, 2021
Price won't drop much, as long as there's still enough willing to pay.

Might come to a point where a mid-range graphic card, like this one, would be accepted to cost as much as everything else in the case added up together, like it is right now. Oldtimers with greying hair would fondly recount an age when it merely costed one month of rent for a solid upgrade, their golden age of gaming behind them.

Expect the worst and anything better would be a nice surprise.


Price won't drop much, as long as there's still enough willing to pay.
Prices will drop once the current component shortage and demand spike pass. If they don't, 'AAA' PC gaming will either price itself out of a huge chunk of the market or game developers will have to target games at APUs if they want their PC games to have a potential market greater than the few million customers who can afford $500+ GPUs.
For me I bought a 2070 but I know my 1070 will sell for about 300-400 once the 2070 arrives. But what may happen is you’ll see people holding off on upgrades longer and saving for longer and playing at lower settings or resolutions to compensate.

You kind of wonder if amd and nvidia will just exit the entry level market. Maybe Intel for example starts filling in there and stays out of the higher end markets?


Jan 13, 2020
newegg became the new ebay a few month ago when they permitted scalpers to take over the site. And it is becoming a deserted site like ebay, with only a name people remember for its greed over the respect of its customer. I will never buy from them again. all is way overpriced over there.