Question Scan and Repair Ruined my Hard Drive, How to Recover Files?

Dec 7, 2022
I have a hard drive that is partitioned, it travels back and forth between Mac and PC. Sometimes I get to properly eject sometimes I don't. Even when I don't, Windows, is usually good about letting me open the harddrive anyway. This time, I went ahead and did the Scan and Fix prompt when I connected my harddrive to my PC and now it shows empty and had a weird naming system for the hard drive. It was all in chinese characters.

I renamed it back to the way it was and I even tried reassigning the drive letter, and lastly chkdsk via command prompt but that didn't move at all after 16 hours. I haven't formatted, or added anything to the drive, only run Recuva multiple times, but it doesn't recover any files. Is there anyway I can fix my problem? I've Googled all that I could, but found nothing similar to my situation.

Math Geek

if recovery software does not work, then there is nothing you can do. keeping a back-up of important data is #1 on the list of what you should do for your pc.

sadly many people only learn this after a failure like this. hopefully you have it backed up somewhere as it is gone for good.

too many switches between mac and windows along with not ejecting it correctly will always end up this way. that is why that is there in the first place. you removed it when it was working most likely and caused the failure. scan and repair simply was the messenger telling you it was dead.
I suspect that your drive may have physical problems, ie bad sectors. Examine the SMART report with a tool such as GSmartControl (Mac and Windows).

CHKDSK should not be run against drives with physical problems. Windows doesn't care about your data -- it only cares about the consistency of the file system. To that end, it will often sacrifice your data.

I would clone your drive with HDDSuperClone and then run data recovery software against the clone. I would use DMDE.

Here are other recommended tools: